He Has Sun-shined My Being

He Has Sun-shined My Being

"Massive crowds followed Him and He healed all that were sick. However, He sternly warned them not to tell others or disclose His real identity in order to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah." Isa. 42:1-4

"Take a careful look at my servant, my chosen one, I love Him dearly, and I find all my delight in Him. I will breathe my spirit upon him and he will decree justice to the nations." Matthew 12:8 Passion Translation


The precious Holy spirit has said that Our Father God is waiting for the love of His people to become more fervent before He can release the outpouring that has been long awaited and promised.

Our Father has said that He will assist his children in this growth and understanding of Himself and His beloved son so that we can achieve this place in him.

We all have a great longing to enter into a deeper and more loving relationship with Our Father God and with Yeshua than we have ever known inside each of us is the cry for this new and wonderful gift.

There is actually no limit to the amount of love that we can receive from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are just at the beginning of this quest.

Making us hungry for the Father and Yeshua is one of the functions of the Holy Spirit.

This is how and why the Great Creator is still creating.


His beautiful, lovely, powerful, intense, darkness destroying, love creating,


The more that we learn about Him, the more hungry we become to find out more.

There is a marvelous footnote in the Passion Translation of the Bible.

It opens the door to a new dimension of OUR FATHER.

It is found in Matthew 12:18.

The footnote adds the Aramaic translation of the phrase "I find all my delight in Him". The word for word translation is "He has sun-shined my being."

When I read this statement, I felt that I was being sun-shined by Yeshua as well.

Something in me exploded. I felt the love between Yeshua and the Father in a new way.

It was as though a door had been opened to a new understanding of the relationship between Father and Son.


Now that I have been "sun-shined", I am searching for every new insight to the heart of the Father that I can find.

We should be telling our Father how much we love Him many times a day.

Norvel Hayes, who is a friend, was one of the great healing evangelists of the 1970's and even today is teaching at his healing school in Tennessee.

During one of our meetings together, he once shared with me a secret that has proven true for many years. He said that if you find yourself in a situation in which it seems impossible to find a solution, fall on your face and begin to tell God how much you love Him.

Do this continually for as long as it takes to get a breakthrough.

Do not talk about your problems or anything else to Him. He already knows what they are.

Continue, even if it takes several days or more of prayer. Concentrate on Him and HIS goodness.

Each time that you say that you love Him, it expands your capacity to love Him.

Your spirit is enlarged to contain more of Him.

More of Him means more Light and more Life.

This also creates the ability to love others more fully.

The great thing about this interaction with the Father is that you really break through into the perfect solution to your situation at the same time that you create a new very much deeper relationship with Father God. It is a win-win situation.

As you can tell by the statement that the Father made about being sun-shined, Father God and His son Yeshua really love and enjoy each other.

As the children of God, we are able to join them in this celebration.

This is definitely a heavenly action that brings forth


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