Roz is a graduate of Wheaton College. During her time there, she felt that the Lord was calling her to the mission field.

She was a missionary to Ethiopia from 1972-1974. By 1974, the growing revolution caused the mission to close and most of the missionaries to be sent home.

Upon her return to the U.S., Roz began Bible Studies in her home. This Bible Study grew into a fellowship that included a Christian Elementary School, ministry to and with some of the Hispanic groups in the area, and a lot of healing and deliverance miracles. The Holy Spirit's direction was to use the approach of the old Street Missions like the Salvation Army. We met in hotels because they were "neutral".

The ministry was moved to Virginia in 1980. We ministered to and alongside intercessory prayer groups in the Washington, DC area. It pleased the Holy Spirit to have prayer and fasting for our country.

The call from Father God to share His Word has brought about this current outreach. We were given a clear direction when the Holy Spirit gave us the name "Generation of Joy" after a vision of explosions of joy all over the world.

Isaiah 60:15

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